Beat Jumper – In a Sentimental Mood – Romanian Hip-Hop

Beat Jumper – In a Sentimental Mood – Romanian Hip-Hop

In a Sentimental Mood

We’re off to Romania next for some Instrumental Hip-Hop which is all terribly exciting! I believe this style of Hip-Hop is greatly under-appreciated in this day and age and yet it has so much to offer. This particular track is called “In a Sentimental Mood” and its from a Romanian Producer who is called – Beat Jumper.

Beat Jumper – Real name: Urse Claudiu, hails from Braila & Sibiu in Romania. He is 23 years old and “Jumps” on “Beats” depending on his mood or feeling (guess where his name comes from yet?!) and comes out with some wicked sounding beats.

This particular track – “In a Sentimental Mood” starts off with a blues/jazz sounding female vocal singing lazily but eloquently about Sentiments. Something you would imagine hearing in a dark smokey club in New York back in the 1930s. That is until the sick beat of the bass pedal thumps it’s way onto the scene and then the whole dynamic changes. The song stutters in and out of phrases with the vocal been chopped up and messed around with. Its all done very cleanly though and it leaves the listener bobbing his head up and down to the mesmirising groove created.

Listening to other songs by Beat Jumpers you can hear he has a formula he likes to use but the creativity he unleashes within these constraints is captivating. His control and ability to play with samples is impressive and his beats are raw and well thougtout. I would love to hear some rapping over some of them but haven’t managed to find anything yet.

Listen to more of Beat Jumper’s tracks on his Soundcloud page and check out his Facebook also.

All good stuff coming out of Romania!


This is the cover photo for "In a Sentimental Mood" from Romanian producer Beat Jumper

Beat Jumper – In a Sentimental Mood Photo

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