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Adam has always been a lover of music ever since an early age when he watched the video for "The Final Countdown" by Europe. He has played numerous instruments, been in multiple bands (some more successful than others!) and has listened to music throughout his whole life. He now finds himself in Prague discovering the wonders than the underground scene of Eastern and Central Europe have to offer and recording it on Praguebeats. Come and share on Google+

The Top 10 Russian Electronic Producers

Russia is one of the most exciting places in the world for underground electronic music. Deep house, drum n bass, future garage and music that defies any kind of labelling... it's all there. A seemingly never-ending line of precocious talents are producing masterpieces from their bedrooms in Moscow, St Petersburg and further afield. We decided to have a go at choosing our favourites for anyone who wants a quick insight into the best that Russia has to offer.

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da vost docta – Moet Raindrops

Artist: da vost docta Tune: Moet Raindrops Country: Poland Genre: Electronic Tell me more: Deep bass and smooth beats bring the image of Moet Raindrops vividly to life and you can imagine listening to this in a luxurious club somewhere deep in the valley of nowhere… Where can I find them? Check out da vost docta on Soundcloud.

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Cadeu – Bagpiper

Artist: Cadeu Tune: Bagpiper Country: Russia Genre: Electronic Tell me more: Released on Hyperboloid Records this is the track Bagpiper. Stuttered beats and vocals that never quite get going but still carry a momentum all of their own. Great stuff from Cadeu! Where can I find them? Check out Cadeu on Soundcloud.

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