Andels – The Noir Thing

Andels – The Noir Thing


Bloody hell! Perhaps I’m taking the easy way out in my bleary-eyed early-afternoon state by deciding to write a post about the very first tune to appear on the top of our Soundcloud feed, but what a tune it is! Lukáš Puška, aka Andels, has turned up on these virtual pages a couple of times already and with very good reason, he is certainly one of the shining lights of the Czech electronic underground. His latest work – a track entitled ‘The Noir Thing’ – may not even be finished yet but it already rocks! Firstly, and possibly most importantly, it has a drums-only intro of one minute and twenty seconds! There’s no way that this should be allowed to work but something about the power, clarity and evolving layers of complexity of the beats ensures that the listener is drawn further and further in. When the melody eveuntually kicks in, there is simply no turning back. Slow and deliberate, the synth is dark but strangely beautiful. The horns and occasional hints of piano add further subtlety to the piece. I cannot wait to hear what this talented young producer is going to create next.


Andels - The Noir Thing (no bass, no vocal but still good)


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