Andels – Sun in the Forest

Andels – Sun in the Forest

When Andels comes along with a new tune we always get excited because you can usually expect something of pretty damn high quality. This tune is no exception when it comes to quality but it was surprising in its sound. Andels has gone for an ambient atmosphere in this track and succeeded by creating beautiful layers of sound rich in texture and feeling. The layers melt into one another building slowly into a subtle crescendo that gently floats the listener along. A pan-pipe sound enters the foray just after half way into the song with a catchy little melody. The subtlety escapes somewhat with the introduction of the strings but who would resist the temptation to get carried away! The song never fully explodes and gradually winds down into a peaceful ending.

This is a massively positive step for Andels and once again highlights his natural talent for songwriting. There is also a video available here. I am not sure if this is something created by him but it fits very well with the music. If this is the first time you are reading or hearing about this artist then check out the other reviews we have done of him – Andels – Hangover

I am wondering when he will be bringing out a full album because he certainly has enough material. If anyone knows then please let me know!! I would be very grateful. It would be definitely worth having amongst my collection. Anyway, I suggest you sit back, put your feet up, make a nice cup of tea (maybe you want to make the tea before you put your feet up actually) and listen to this beautiful track on repeat!

Cau for now!


Andels – Sun in the Forest (Photo)

Andels - Sun In The Forest

Andels – Sun In The Forest

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