Andels – Feelin’ Good

Andels – Feelin’ Good

Andels – Feelin’ Good

Whenever a new Andels tune surfaces, an almighty scramble tends to break out between Adam and I as to who gets to write the review, so highly do we rate this young Czech producer. It feels good to be a winner…

Andels has been creating some outstanding music over the last few years. Described by Czech house supremo Myclick as “the future legend” (which is high praise indeed), his output generally involves heavy beats and melodic progressions that suck you in and compel you to hit repeat, repeatedly.

Feelin’ Good is more of the same. Kicking off with a heavenly sounding pad playing a sustained note, any suspicion that we’re about to take an unscheduled visit into ambient electronica is quickly dispelled when a deliciously heavy broken beat crashes in a few seconds later. The main drop takes everything to another level with expertly crafted melodic tones adding further pulse and energetic vocal stabs adding both character and melody.

As ever, be sure to check out Andels’ other work via his Souncloud page. It’s evolved into an extremely impressive discography and yet you suspect that the best is still to come. We have our favourites, of course. Have a listen to Hangover and Phobia and, while you’re at it, check out our ‘Five Minutes With‘ interview from last year as well!


andels - feelin' good

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