Alvik – Beatskip – (Juanita Juarez remix)

Alvik – Beatskip – (Juanita Juarez remix)

Well, I’ve just been having a listen through to some of my old favourites on soundcloud and itunes etc whilst rushing to get the house ready for the imminent arrival of some friends from the UK (loud music is essential for this). Turns out I had completely forgotten about this little belter of a tune. I like many types of drum n bass, but I generally revert to the more melodic tunes after a while. This tune (according to soundcloud, released on Quazi Delict records in 2005), a remix of Alvik’s Beatskip by Juanita Juarez, includes an infectious melody, rolling beats and a tasteful vocal (something that can ruin a dnb tune if not just right). As far as I’m aware Juanita Juarez is an alias of the well-known Czech drum n bass artist Brooklyn although I admit that I have not fully explored his music yet (but I have read some interviews whilst trying to improve my Czech!). Here is a link to an interview with him – Brooklyn – Red Bull Music Academy Anyway, that’s enough chatting, let the tune speak for itself. Enjoy!


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