40 Winks – Kodak Moment (Long Arm Remix)

40 Winks – Kodak Moment (Long Arm Remix)

Kodak Moment (Long Arm Remix)

Have you had a tough week this week? I haven’t as I don’t have a job at the moment… 🙂 But things will change soon. Hopefully…

Anyway, if you are struggling I have the perfect tune for you. Its actually a Remix by the Russian producer “Long Arm”. The Remix is of 40 Winks – Kodak and its pure genius. It has such a positive vibe it would even put a smile on the most sour of faces.

Long Arm creates an infectious head nodding groove using playful drums and a funky bass. There is percussion flying around all over the place interlaced with magical noises and delicately placed melodies. However Long Arm manages to balance it all perfectly so nothing is overbearing. The structure of the song is also spot on with dynamic and rhythmic changes coming at all the right places. And its all so effortless!!! Damn you and bless you Mr Long Arm all at the same time!!

This particular track was released under the Project Mooncircle label (a label I keep finding myself coming back to!). If you want to hear more from Long Arm then you can check out his Soundcloud page and Facebook page. Talented chap!


40 Winks - Kodak Moment (Long Arm Remix)


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