10 Crackin’ tunes from the Czech Republic!

10 Crackin’ tunes from the Czech Republic!

Ian Kita – Music Boxing 

Whilst the infectious melody (which sounds like it’s played on a xylophone) gives this tune an exotic feel, the driving four to the floor beat and moody chords ensure that a sense of darkness is never far away.

Forma – Alou Elou

Beautiful cinematic sound scape. Gorgeous and mesmerizing. As one person puts it  – Think DJ Food mixed with Portishead.

Danoo featuring Jett – Shadows of my Mind

Short but sweet, I’m not always a great fan of vocals with DNB but Danoo has succeeded in combining Jett’s haunting lyrics with a soulful melody and rolling beat. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the completed version one day.

Mythematica – Vitam Vas

We reviewed Mythematica already but had to add this tune to the list. Its a beautiful song and needs to be listened to on repeat. Oh yeah and Mythematica should be given lots of money for his efforts… Dreamy!

Luvca – Brotherhood Guarantee

Finding this tune was a very pleasant surprise. Laid back, funky beat with uplifting sounds and melodies. You can tell this guy is into Dilla.

Morybundus & Misology feat. Anneka – Shut her down

Eerie atmosphere and smooth vocals fighting against an awesome beat. Only one winner… THE LISTENER!

TGT – Box of Chocolates

Some cool sounds going on in this but it is the use of melody that really makes it stand out.

Satorbass – Silence of sins

Recent DnB track. I’m hearing other genres in there too. Wait for the elevation at 2:28 and sit back and smile.

Peter Pan Complex – Around the Clock

Good combination of melodic guitar, melancholic atmospherics and captivating vocals. This band has just fought its way onto my ‘want to see live’ list. The ending is cool, too.

WRM – Homecoming

Simple. But I love simple. To make a beautiful song whilst keeping it simple is a true skill and one WRM pulls off delightfully.

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