Voho – Plane Crash Investigation

Album artwork to Voho - Plane Crash Investigation

Voho – Plane Crash Investigation is intense! It starts off with a conspiracy theory melody dancing menacingly around the listener insinuating thoughts of doubt and mistrust and soon launches into a bass drum heavy techno beat. It is relentless. Utterly, utterly relentless and gives you no room to breathe. Its the kind of beat that […]

Gem Reflection – 06 Album

Artwork from the 06 Album from Gem Reflection

We have been waiting a while for this one but it was well worth the wait. Gem Reflection have finally released their new digital album. The album goes by the name of 06 and it is a collection of ambient, psychill, downtempo grooves of the highest quality. Gem Reflection have stuck to what they know […]

Keosz – Intention

Artwork for Keosz Intention Track

Keosz is a mysterious artist who crafts sounds and atmospherics from somewhere deep. Very deep. If you would like to hear a sample of Keosz’s work then you could do very well to start with this track – “Intention”. It starts off with an eerie gentleman’s voice murmuring haunting remarks because he knows something we […]