Charlie – Catch the Fire

Picture of Charlie from Ukraine - Catch the Fire

Electronic duet “Charlie” originate from Kiev in Ukraine. Here they have released their debut EP consisting of four tracks. The EP goes by the name of the “Charlie EP” and my favourite track from the selection is “Catch the Fire”. It is a mixture of old school 80s beats mixed with some emotive keys and […]

Sun Glitters – Lonely Trip

Album artwork for Sun Glitters - Lonely Trip

Sun Glitters is a music producer from Luxembourg that we very much like here at Praguebeats. Real name – Victor Ferreira first started getting noticed in 2011 when he released some EPs and also his debut LP – “Everything Could Be Fine”. Since then he has had further releases and has now released another album by […]

Eocene Nine – Chasm (Free Download)

Eocene Nine Title Picture

You just know when something is going to be good even before you have heard a single note. When you hear that Elo Method and Subranger are producing together it goes without saying that they will produce something special. That is exactly what they have done with this track “Chasm”. Ok it is a year […]

Silent Strike – Carousel (Carousel EP)

A picture of Romania's Silent Strike

Silent Strike is a Romanian music composer and he was born in 1982. During those years he has amassed all his life experience and brought it together to create this track – Carousel. It is from the Carousel EP which is released on 27th August 2014. It must be very satisfying as a musician to […]

Voho – Plane Crash Investigation

Album artwork to Voho - Plane Crash Investigation

Voho – Plane Crash Investigation is intense! It starts off with a conspiracy theory melody dancing menacingly around the listener insinuating thoughts of doubt and mistrust and soon launches into a bass drum heavy techno beat. It is relentless. Utterly, utterly relentless and gives you no room to breathe. Its the kind of beat that […]