Keosz – Intention

Keosz is a mysterious artist who crafts sounds and atmospherics from somewhere deep. Very deep. If you would like to hear a sample of Keosz’s work then you could do very well to start with this track – “Intention”. It starts off with an eerie gentleman’s voice murmuring haunting remarks because he knows something we all don’t. He knows something sinister is lurking around and about to strike and we are all oblivious. And when it does strike it hits you full in the belly.

Keosz’s bass sound is his forte. It is so rich it makes a Mark’s and Spencer’s Chocolate pudding look like a poor man’s snack. It literally envelopes your mind and cushions all the other intricate sounds allowing them to play freely but making sure nothing gets out of hand. The beat is slow and ponderous but more self assured than Christiano Ronaldo’s hair. All of this is complemented with snippets of melodies jumping in and out of play. Sometimes some panpipes, some times some strings but whatever it is, it is carefully chosen and perfectly executed.

If you want to hear more from Keosz (which I know you do) then you can check other tracks out on Praguebeats and also visit his Soundcloud page and Facebook page.

Its deep but its beautiful.



Artwork for Keosz Intention Track

OYT – Now or Never EP

Music to sweat to? It’s so hot here in Prague at the moment that that’s exactly what we need and I think I’ve found just the thing…

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Jan Nemecek – Still II

Serbia-based producer Jan Nemecek is a Praguebeats favourite thanks to a collection of deep, melodic tunes that orbit around a very loose concept of future garage.

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Kulakostas – Your Worst Friend

Kulakostas is a Ukrainian producer who writes magically laid back music from the deeper side of the ocean. Having released music on labels such as how2make records and Igloo-rec, he has built up a substantial following and with tracks like Your Worst Friend in his armoury, we can see why.

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Tango Tempo – Arktika – Ultra Vague Recordings

Tango Tempo are an experimental electronic band formed in Uzhgorod in Ukraine who have released this track – “Arktika” on Ultra Vague Recordings. Ultra Vague Recordings have a habit of releasing high quality electronic music so we always keep an eye out on their new releases. This track is no exception…

The track is guitar led which always intrigues me. Having grown up on the likes of Mogwai, GodSpeed you Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky anything instrumental hooks me in straight away. Arktika builds slowly sounding out the landscape and tentatively dipping its foot into the water before launching itself into its fully-fledged groove. The track has a slight oriental impression with the harmonics balancing delicately over the progressive-sounding beat. The track is melodic but holds the balance well of leading the listener on but never being quite predictable. It dips and turns its way seemlessly through a soundscape of melodies and intriguing ideas.

Having listened to other tracks from Tango Tempo the one thing that strikes is the multitude of influences they have and its quite difficult to pin down their sound and genre. I am sure like most artists they don’t enjoy being stuck with any such labels and so far they are doing well to avoid anything specific. Anyway one thing is clear – Underground music in Ukraine is alive and well.

For more from Tango Tempo you can check out their Facebook page and also you can hear more tracks from them on Ultra Vague Recordings Soundcloud page.

As always we think you should head over there and have a listen… Music like this is a gem.



Ultra Vague Recordings - Tango Tempo - Arktika